Stress and Sun



Stress and Sun


Stress rocks the boat

Taking me up and down

All around

A roller coaster of emotions.

No ever said

Happiness was stress free

A life of joy

Purpose and passion

Still comes attached

To stressors.

A head filled with questions

Thoughts rolling around

While I stare


Looking for a way

Back to peace.

Then I see

The sun

Setting behind the trees

The brilliance of the colors

The beauty

Takes over

An immediate

Release of all thoughts

I’m only filled with a gorgeous sky.

Washed in peace with

The colors of the sky.

All it takes

To calm an unsettled mind

Sheer beauty of the earth.


Natural Wonders



Natural Wonders


It’s been a journey

Set upon this earth

To witness all its


I struggle and stumble

Looking for the way

That makes most sense for me.

I wake separate from the sun

Longing to be rejoined

With the higher power

I feel surging within,

I find myself bound

To this earthly body

With all its pleasure

And its pain.

So I strive for real connection

To the planet, to the earth

To the other souls

Earthly bound as I am

So as to make the most

Of this journey.

I find myself

Drawn, a month to the flame

To the beauty of the world

I’ll spend my days

Soaking in the sunsets and sunrise

From the gorgeous

And the not so gorgeous places.

I’m refilled and made new

By the wonder of the wilderness.

My Place Is With the Wind


My Place Is With the Wind


My place in the wind

Is front of the line.

Dancing through grasses

Whipping up ferocious seas

Howling down mountain tops

Racing past reddened faces

Shooting over bridges

Whistling around buildings.

My place is with the wind

Covering the world,

Witness to the actions

Privy to secrets

Whispered in the night.

I fly high above

But pay a close watch to the happenings.

I have the power to

Wake the sleeping

Spur on the fearful to rise

I’ll strengthen any fire

Light the world aflame

With beauty and compassion.


I love the wind, it makes me feel like I’m flying even if I’m standing on the ground. There is something special and powerful about the wind.

What do you like about the wind?

See Different



See Different


To see beyond

What you really see

Decide that it could

Be something


A pebble reveals

The reflection

You thought was real.

An open heart

Reveals the love

You thought had forsaken you.

Vision depends

On interpretation

Choose wisely.


This is one of those times when the picture inspired the poem. I took this in Vermont at Lowell Lake a beautiful mountain lake that I love to walk around. I love the composition of this picture and the best part is that this picture is actually a reflection in the water of the lake, it was so still!

What kinds of pictures have inspired you?

Life as a Morning



Life as a Morning


If I could live every minute

As if it was

A brilliant gorgeous morning

Calm and oh so peaceful,

Filled with hope and pure potential,

It would be just wonderful.

But what would I learn

How would I grow?

You know what, I don’t know

And because I love this morning,

I’ll give myself a chance

To wish for it in every moment

And leave judgment and lessons behind.

I’ll just be

One with the beauty

As long as I can.


There is something magical and sacred about being present for the sunrise. It fills you with such majesty words do it no justice.

What do you enjoy most about sunrise?

Evening sky


Painted Evening Sky


A painted evening sky

Never makes me wonder why

I am here.

Strokes of pink, yellow and orange

Along a changing blue backdrop

With streaky white clouds

Calm me in a way nothing else ever could.

Instilling a sense of wonder

A sense of awe and

A sense that things are as they were meant to be.

A rightness in the world,

A sense of being perfect,

Of being.

Such beauty for no reason

Other than to be.

Inspires me to just be,

For no reason other than existing.

Beauty without knowing it is beautiful

Without seeking reward.

To have an existence that is important

Merely because it is.


What a wonderful feeling I can get from a beautiful sunset. It can change everything and make everything OK. It has the power to bring up a feeling of trust and knowing within me that I am so grateful for. It gives me the sense that things are right in the world merely because they are. That gives me hope.

What gives you a sense of trust in the world?

Powerful beauty



Beauty Holds Power


Unspeakable beauty

Lies behind the crumbling walls.

As the old life chips and falls away

The setting sun

Casts shadows

Paints that life with deep colors.

A new picture emerges

Brilliant at the end of the day.


Beauty like that

Has power unlike any other.

Power to change a mind,

To move one to tears

Bring one back home.

Beauty like that

Can fix a broken heart,

Warm a lonely soul.


A pictures worth

Is measured in

The emotions tied to it.

How deeply can it reach.

A song

Will pick me up

Send me on a cloud

Round the world,

It can pump me up

Or calm me down,

Set me free or bring me down.


Beauty, speaks in

Many ways

Through emotions

Without words.

It’s power lies in wait

Unassuming to wash over

As a cool rain.

Beauty keeps truth

Gently burning deep inside

A candle lit for all to see

To feel if only they



As I may have mentioned before, I am a very sensitive person, and that sensitivity extends to beauty, particularly natural beauty. When I see a beautiful sunrise or sunset, see the colors of the sky I can easily be brought to tears by the sheer wonder of it. This poem is my way of expressing that overwhelming sense of beauty and wonder. There is a sense of power that I feel when I bear witness to an expansive view from a mountaintop or a rainbow stretching across the sky. It is a silent beautiful power. What does beauty mean to you?