Beginnings of Hope


Beginnings of Hope




It’s time

The adventure is starting,

I feel it in the shifting winds,

A spark, a rush

Of energy

Initiates the change,

It rolls down off the mountains

Sent from above,

Pregnant with hope and possibility,

The air is alive with excitement.

I’m standing on the edge

Arms open

Soaking up the feeling

Reveling in the moment,

The thrill mixed with fear

Just before the jump.

Beginnings, keep life interesting

And fill me

With inspiration for the future.


Right now I am right in the middle of all kinds of new beginnings so that is providing me with endless inspiration.  I also just moved and don’t have easy access to internet yet so there may be little lags between posts, unfortunately.


What do you enjoy most about new beginnings?


What’s Within



What’s Within


Giants walk among us

Yet we somehow manage not to see.

Greatness lives within us

Yet we are determined to live small.

We are so busy

Getting ahead

Becoming successful

We forget what success really looks like.

I think it’s made of love

Of smiles, hugs and memories.

Accept the greatness within you

You’ll find love

You’ll have real connections to those around you.

See the giants,

Realize that you too are a giant

In the world

Enlarged by your capacity to love

Even more by your capacity to receive it.


It’s easy to forget what lies not only within each other but within ourselves as well. I find it to be very important to spend time discovering what is within ourselves. It’s also important to realize we don’t know what goes on inside someone else.


When do you take time to discover what’s inside?

Love Sneaks



Love Sneaks


It can sneak up on you

This feeling

Of love.

Its warmth spreads

Like a slow burning flame

Almost unnoticeable

Until you’re filled with it completely.

It’s so comfortable

As it engulfs you,

Takes you under its spell.

As time goes

Love grows.

The people in your life

Become more and more important.

It seems as though one day

You look at someone

And it hits you like a wave

How much love there

Is inside you

For that person.

It will seem like it came

Out of nowhere

But really

It built up slowly

While you weren’t looking.


Love is such an interesting emotion. You can feel it for so many people, yourself included. Sometimes you begin to love someone without even realizing it.


How did you come to love the people in your life?






She sits in the

Gleaming ray of sun

Pouring through the window,

Casting shadows on the floor.

Her thoughts remain

Unsaid, a mystery to all.

Her eyes

Speak of deep emotions,

Of pools with hidden


Waiting for discovery.

A face unchanging

Always looking to the sun

For more.

More than what she has

More than exists.

Always yearning, searching

For the better path.


Sometimes it’s just an image that gets stuck in my head and I have to write about it in order to get it out.


What images get stuck in your head?

Wonderful Dreams



Wonderful Dreams


To wake from a


Can leave you feeling

Wholly satisfied

Or aching for more.

A dream that

Gives answers, provides

All that you yearn for

Is a wonderful relief

From all the wanting

Of the daylight hours.

Waking from such a dream

Where you feel whole

And loved

Is enough to make you smile

All day at the memory

Of the dream.

It can also leave you fighting

To return to sleep

To return to the dream

Because reality is far from

The loveliness of the dream.

Either way it’s a blessing

For while you were in the dream

It was real and

It was wonderful.


Good dreams are a lovely part of sleep! Waking up from them can be less than stellar.


What are your favorite dreams?

A Crazy Moment



A Crazy Moment


It’s a moment

That I’m having,

Of momentary insanity.

My brain feels like it could

Fly away

With all the thoughts

All the emotions

Rattling around.

When settling down is

Extremely difficult.

Even when I am not thinking

It feels like thoughts are still

Rumbling around.

When my body feels like

It is moving even when I’m

Standing completely still.

Not a very comfortable moment

If I’m being honest.

I imagine

Scratching and clawing my way

Out of my own skin

Just to seek relief

In being free of this body

That in this moment feels like a prison

For a mind that is a prison

All of its own.


I think everyone has these kind of moments, where we feel crazy. Sometimes we just have to breathe into them and accept that sometimes we feel crazy. That there’s nothing wrong with us for feeling discombobulated and a bit crazy it’s normal.


What makes you feel crazy?

Hummingbirds and Music



Hummingbirds and Music


In the shimmering embrace

Of the twinkling sounds

Of a musical interlude

I am stripped of all pretenses.

Whisked away

On lovely clouds

To hover above the earth

In a realm of light.

Where I am met by

Tiny hummingbirds

Beating wings, blurs of color

Floating near my head.

We connect at a depth

They live in me and I am them.

Moving at high speeds,

Rarely landing

Which goes either way

Towards beneficial or problematic.


You could say I am in love with hummingbirds. They are my favorite bird, I absolutely love watching and listening to them fly. They are such magical and beautiful creatures!


What is your favorite bird?