Allowing Life



Allowing Life


Life rolls on in waves

Rippling down the river

Reaching always towards the sea.

There are moments

When you need to swim,

To get around the current

There are moments when

You need to let go

And let yourself be carried along.

Sometimes you need to think

Which part of the stream you’ll follow

Others you need to release all thoughts

And just be carried along.

There’s light and dark along the way,

You need to muddle through it all.

It’s an adventurous path,

Traveling with your heart.

There will come a time

When you can not have the answers

No matter how you try

There will be things you do not know

Accepting and allowing this

Not knowing to be

Is incredibly an important lesson in this life.

Really you will know in other ways

All that you need to know.


Surrender to the path



Surrender to the Path


I walk along

Sometimes not

Understanding the way,

Looking for signs,

Following my heart

Knowing I’m going the right way.

The path may twist,

And turn

Take me past the same

Places numerous times

I trust it’s always moving forward

Even when it seems to go back.

It’s not about the places,

The physical serves to remind

Of a bigger picture

One that needs not be understood.

Trust, and follow.

Surrender to the knowing

In my heart,

The knowing that is beyond words,

Beyond descriptions.

All is right as it happens,

Because it happens,

Right implies it could be wrong,

But all is as it is,

Right and wrong complicate and

Limit life.

Allow all to be,

Wait and watch how all falls

Into places I never could have imagined.


Life is a path we have to walk every single day. I find that path is a combination of fate and choice. Sometimes it can be very difficult to trust that what I am doing is the right thing for me, that I’m on the right path. But without that trust fear can leak in and cause problems. When I am having moments of doubt I try to remember the probability of my existence, how many things had to happen throughout history in order for me to exist. I mean my very existence depended on everything that happened that caused my parents to meet, that caused their parents to meet and way on back in history to the very beginning. When I remember this, I feel like if all of that had to happen then how could it be wrong? Plus trusting in myself and in life just makes for a happier me!

What helps you trust?

Growing can take some work



Must Grow


Sometimes it’s the smell of grass on a warm day

That sends me spinning into peaceful joy.

Life outside myself,

Clouds moving with the breeze,

Flower buds slowly unfolding,

Reminds me of that connection to


More than just this body,

More than just this fear,

More than just this sadness.

No one ever said growing was

Painless or easy.

Growing is growing,

It takes work,

But the more you push against it,

Pretend it isn’t happening,

Or try to keep it from happening,

The harder things become.

Think of a flower,

Watch as the shoots push themselves up out of the soil,

It’s not easy, and it takes work, but it has to happen.

If the flower tried to keep itself underground,

To stop itself from growing,

Bad things would happen,

It would become deformed, and eventually begin to rot.

The same thing happens to me,

When I try not to grow,

I feel it, the deformities,

The rotting,

It’s not good.

So I must grow,

It’s part of life, and

I must allow it to happen

I must work with it.

Go with the flow,

Be the water.


Sometimes when I am feeling stuck, feeling down and filled with fear, I try to remember that it can’t last. That like everything, I will make it through this and it will make me a better person. Thinking of how a flower has to work, and push to get itself out of the ground helps me remember that I too have things to push through. Those things I have to push through may be negative, seemingly debilitating emotions. Now I also believe that life doesn’t have to be hard, that things don’t have to be a struggle. Sometimes I forget that and get caught up in things, but I have to always come back to this utter faith and trust that things don’t need to be hard. Unless we “need” them to be for our own development. What helps you deal with growing pains?