Of water


Water and Me

Peaceful and free

Flowing like a river

Through me.

I am connected to mother earth.

We are one,

Her life giving water,

Runs in my veins

In sync with the

Waves splashing on the shore.

Each river, each ocean

Lays open before me

I can hold them all in my hand

Fill up the world with all my love.

I’ll open my heart

My body to these waters,

To hold me and heal me.

Rushing and flowing

Letting it be,

Water runs on

Forever free.

Gentle and calm

When sparkling in the sun,

Persistent and strong

Never gives up,

But always moves on.

When no path exists where it wants to go

Create one it must, create one it will.

It won’t get it where it’s going until the right time

Patient and loving

It does what it wants, goes where it please.

I am the water,

The river is me.

We’ll move on together

Both being free

Watching the wind

Until we meet with the sea.

I have always felt very connected to water of any kind. Always loved taking baths, swimming anywhere – rivers, lakes, oceans, pools. Being in or near any kind of water is healing for me – when I’m frustrated or upset I go find a river and sit. I wait until the movement of the water helps my emotions to move along as well. Water is magic to my soul.

What is your relationship with water?


Joy from…



Joy From…


One foot moving in rhythm

After the other,

Step, step.

Quieting the mind,

All attention on breathing

In, out.

Heightened senses

Hear all the sounds

Smell each home as I walk by

Feel my body working, sweating, moving.

Until I’m no longer my body,

It’s moving of its own accord,

I feel the pull of gravity

As I jog down the hills.

I am free,

Joy can be understated

Simple and quiet.

Joy from

Letting go of attachment.

Joy from allowing

Life to be.

Joy from

Hope in love and light.

Joy from walking

On a warm night,

With the wind in my hair.


I am always so grateful when there is joy in my life, or rather when I can see and accept joy into my life. I find that so often joy comes from the smallest things. Going for a walk on a warm evening, drinking a cup of tea, laughing with friends, the list goes on and it’s not filled with giant adventures, but rather little steps along the way. Even though giant adventures like my trip to South Africa are wonderful and great it’s not the bigness of the trip that I remember or that brought me joy, it was the little things that added up to make it a joyful trip. Sometimes I am tempted to hold tightly to the things that bring me joy, but I know the best way to enjoy them is with an open hand, allowing them to flow easily in and easily out again. Trusting that joy will come again. What brings you joy?

Growing can take some work



Must Grow


Sometimes it’s the smell of grass on a warm day

That sends me spinning into peaceful joy.

Life outside myself,

Clouds moving with the breeze,

Flower buds slowly unfolding,

Reminds me of that connection to


More than just this body,

More than just this fear,

More than just this sadness.

No one ever said growing was

Painless or easy.

Growing is growing,

It takes work,

But the more you push against it,

Pretend it isn’t happening,

Or try to keep it from happening,

The harder things become.

Think of a flower,

Watch as the shoots push themselves up out of the soil,

It’s not easy, and it takes work, but it has to happen.

If the flower tried to keep itself underground,

To stop itself from growing,

Bad things would happen,

It would become deformed, and eventually begin to rot.

The same thing happens to me,

When I try not to grow,

I feel it, the deformities,

The rotting,

It’s not good.

So I must grow,

It’s part of life, and

I must allow it to happen

I must work with it.

Go with the flow,

Be the water.


Sometimes when I am feeling stuck, feeling down and filled with fear, I try to remember that it can’t last. That like everything, I will make it through this and it will make me a better person. Thinking of how a flower has to work, and push to get itself out of the ground helps me remember that I too have things to push through. Those things I have to push through may be negative, seemingly debilitating emotions. Now I also believe that life doesn’t have to be hard, that things don’t have to be a struggle. Sometimes I forget that and get caught up in things, but I have to always come back to this utter faith and trust that things don’t need to be hard. Unless we “need” them to be for our own development. What helps you deal with growing pains?