All I Have Seen


All I Have Seen


Making the drive

Down to the shore

I’m brought to another time.

Memories flash in my mind

Of childhood days

Playing at the beach.

Bare feet in the sand

Take me to summers past.

I’m forced to reflect on where

I was,

Compared to where I am now.

I can clearly see how far

I have come.

How much has changed,

How much what I am feeling

In this moment differs

From what I’ve felt in this same place

In years gone by.

History replays its images

As I walk the same paths,

Drive by the same buildings and roads

But it’s a movie in my mind

No longer present day,

No longer part of my current existence.

I am filled with gratitude

For all I have learned

All I have been through

All I have seen.



Face The Sun


Face The Sun


Turn your face to the sun

Forget all your worries

Let them roll off

Melt away

Off into the earth.

Dance until all the hurt

Trapped in your heart

Spins off and away

On a twisty top.

Life is good,

Too good, too short

To spend

Focused on the wounds

We get from living.

Let of what you can’t change,

Let go of all the sadness in your heart.

Turn your face to the sun

Soak the warmth

Watch while

It warms and heals an aching heart.

Breathe in the sweet warm air

Let it wash through you,

Exhale each and every worry.

Grateful Tears


Grateful Tears


Tears escape

From the corners

Of her eyes,

Trying to hold in

What’s too much to contain.

Gratitude overwhelms.

Without warning,

Without show

Droplets slide

Down her cheeks,

As she thanks

Those who helped

Bring her home.

As she shakes the hands

That took her house

And returned it as a home

After disaster and destruction

Ruined it.

Broken Wishes


Broken Wishes


Bent, scattered

On the ground.

Lost their magic power,

No more hope filled

Children pick up

These lonely wishes.

They are long forgotten

Laying on an asphalt bed,

Missing dreams and

Past their prime.

Dandelion wishes fallen

Crushed upon the ground.

A sad sight to see,

Reminds of childhood days

Lost in the past,

Replaced with responsibilities.

A hint of nostalgia

Filters through

Bringing dandelion wishes

Back to life.





An open hand

Is the beginning of an open heart,

It pulls you in

Welcomes you.


It’s how we begin,

The initial meeting.

Physical contact that gives

Preliminary information

Energy transferred

Between hands

Opens the gates,

To friendship,

To fellowship

To community.

It’s through our hands we

Do the work,

Change the world

One handshake at a time.

Building communities

Building a better world!

A Way For Me


A Way For Me


I was born for this

I know it in my bones

I was made to do this

To help, to serve, to collaborate.

I’m here

To be a part of something

So much bigger than me.

I listen to the quiet urgings

Of my heart

That leads me to

The things I am meant to do.

Inevitably I find my way

Not a way I

Could ever have imagined

Not a way I

Would have found

All on my own,

But a way that fits,

That lifts me up

Inspires me

And fills me with

Hope and jubilation.

Let Go


Let Go


Mind gets crazy

Busy – so excited

Ideas jumping

Emotions racing.

Give me just a moment

Take just one deep breath.

Remind me to take care

Of me.

Help me to let go

Release what I cannot control

Trust in the process

The people, and myself

That things will fall

Slowly into place

Fitting into their spaces

Rather nicely.