Shaking Free



Shaking Free


When things are tough

When I feel like I just can’t handle it

I have to move

I have to get deep into my body

Dance all my cares away.

Shake my head

To free myself from thoughts,

Fears that bring on tears.

Fling myself across the floor

Feel the beat in every

Inch of skin,

Sweat until it runs down

Like a river.

Move to focus

Move to breathe

Move to let go of everything

Move to connect with the innermost part

Of me.

Move to feel it all.

Shaking, swishing, winding

Down along the ground

Back to the primal


In touch with my body.

Shedding clothes as movement

Heats me up.

Till bare skin,

Damp with sweat meets the air

Creating breezes with each move.


Frees my soul

From the nagging ego mind

Chattering on day after day

Brings me to the center of me

The music reaching

Up into the depths

Touching parts never seen

Connecting to my core

Stirring emotions and joy.

Each song stripping away and

Nibbling through the barriers

The fronts my ego has put up,

In attempts at protection and safety,

Getting down to the raw

Honest true self,

I am. 



This is one picture I didn’t take, it’s courtesy of a good friend of mine, Csilla.


Life Music



Life Music


Laying on the cold floor

Limbs sprawled

To feel the beating

Of the music.

Tiny micro-movements

Because it’s near impossible

To stay completely still

While music plays.

Music is air for my soul

Essential to life.

Without it I wither, fade away

Become a shadow of a person.

If you were to tap my veins

Music would come pouring out

Tiny notes attached to my very DNA.

I am made to move

To dance

To live inside the music

As it lives in me.

I am made to feel the music

In my very depths

It reaches and pulls me out

Closed eyes, show lids


With movements,

With dancers

And colors and swirling and twirling

Jumping and dipping,

Life is a giant improvisational dance

Every movement

Connects and becomes part of the choreography.

I see everything as a dance

Soundtracks constantly play through my head.


I saw Kenney Chesney in concert last night and the whole time I was choreographing in my head and letting the music fill me up. Thinking about the music, and how much it affects me and how I love it and dancing is what lead to this post.

What do you like most about music?

Street Dancers



Street Dancers

Movement on the pavement

These boys

With much to share

Strength ripples through

Each muscle as it stretches and tightens

To hold a body on one hand.

They twist and shift

Creating sharp angles,

They play this game

The macho game

Who gets the most applause.

Craving the attention of the audience

While living completely

In their own musical world.

Laughing, joking

It’s all about the dance

Pushing to the limits,

Fighting gravity and winning

Remaining threaded to the beat.

Tunnel vision for just the dance,

The head stands,

The aerial twirls,

Singular dancers in total

Support of each other.


Doesn’t matter where I go, I love to see dancers. I especially love street dancers doing any kind of break dancing! I revert to my ten year old self and stand in wonder and amazement watching them dance. It’s absolutely wonderful.

What kind of dancing do you enjoy watching?

Dancing to Delicious



Dancing to Delicious


Feathers twitch and reach in flight

Swirling high down from the sky.

Piano keys drum out a beat,

That reaches out to feet

Tempting out a dance.

Whirling up through legs,

Creeping all the way up to the heart

Infecting the blood,

Reaching every inch of body with

The music.

Making movement essential.

Dancing in the grass,

While the feathers fly around

Sunshine shimmers as I twirl

Warm air settles all around

Lulling me into a delicious state of being.


Dancing is one of my favorite things in the whole world. It is where I feel free, open and connected! Dancing makes life delicious in my opinion. It doesn’t matter how “good” of a dancer you are, dancing lets you be free and silly and have fun!


What makes you feel free?


Twilight Dancing



Twilight Dancing


Sipping tea

One chilly evening.

Snuggled in a blanket

Attempting coziness in crazy times.

Gentle magic music plays.

Eyes closed…

      Dancing through wide open fields

      Grasses waving, skirt folds flowing

      Breezes catching the tale of the wind.

      Legs and arms in full emotion

      Create colors in the air

      Swinging round and up, behind and over.

      Sweetness reaching from the song 

      Through the body, aching for the dance.

      Gentle movements swaying from center,

      Tales of far-off lands,

      As hands twine around,

      Twisting, pulling, reaching

      Sweeping over earth spilling love behind.

      Each turn, casts rainbow light 

      Shimmering off in circles.

      Feet lightly brushing softest grass beneath,

      Leaping and prancing over flowers,

      Trailing stardust behind.

      Sunshine as spotlight through the trees

      As twilight twinkles through.


I love dancing, it is one of the things in my life that calms and brings me joy simultaneously. Even when I’m tired and not wanting to really dance I often escape into imaginings filled with dancing. Every song I ever hear brings images of dancing in my head. That’s just the way my brain works. 


What do you think of dance?



Dance of joy



Dance of joy

She steps out onto the floor.

The music sweetly fills the air

No one is there

To see the moment.

She begins to sway

One foot then the other,

The motion rocking, gently

Her whole body.

With the music

She moves

Lifting and stretching

Every limb in time

With the beat.

Becoming a blur she leaps

And bounds

With grace beyond imagination.

A trail of shimmering light

Follows behind sweeping

By with every twirl.

The joy is evident in every twist

And every turn.

She is the dance, the music

They all are one.

You need only see to hear the music


She sings the song through her body.

Every action tells a story,

Shows every deep emotion

Expressed through arcs and lines

Created with arms and legs

Fingers and toes.

Until exhaustion takes over

Bringing her to rest upon the ground

A painfully slow

Journey into stillness

Where the rest all falls away

Leaving everything behind

And nothing in its place.

Where surrender gives way

To contented peace.


So, I danced last night as part of One Billion Rising and all I can say is wow. What an amazing event and what amazing energy. It felt so wonderful to dance and it inspired this poem. Dance is something very special to me, it is one of the best ways I know to express what I’m feeling without getting stuck in those feelings. When I dance I am completely and wholly free. I feel more myself when I let go into the music and allow my body to move than at any other time in life.

When do you feel most yourself?