Nothing is Forever



Nothing is Forever


No matter how I wish

Time will not stop

Not halt its flowing

To pacify me.

Nothing is forever

Is what it reminds me.

Just keep moving,

One foot before the other

Till one day

I’ll open my eyes and a hundred

Tomorrows will have

Turned into a hundred


Even if I stop

Keep both feet still

The earth, time

It won’t wait

Things will move around me

I’ll be a rock in the flow

Of all the rest,

Which as the water, will

Flow around, ignoring the stillness.

 Stopping leaves me far behind

Not helping, or easing pain

It just leaves me behind.

But how to move,

When moving seems so hard

So antithetical?

One foot, reminds the river,

One breath reminds time.

I take one breath

Followed by another

Then move one foot

And then the other

Then I’m breathing and walking.

Nothing is forever,

Pain and fear of now

Fade into the past.

New replaces old

New replaced with newer.


As spring is in bloom and the weather gets warmer I can’t help but be reminded that nothing lasts forever. That even the coldest, darkest winter will eventually turn into spring. While it can be helpful to remember that things I perceive as “bad” don’t last forever, it is also beneficial to remember that even the things I perceive as “good” also don’t last forever. That everything changes and cycles back around. The most important aspect to learn is letting go and not attaching.

What reminds you that nothing lasts forever?


What are your thoughts?

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